Filming in a sustainable way even in the new Coronavirus normality


Fresco Film continues to work as a responsible company with a clear objective: to make each shoot as sustainable as possible and implementing fresh measures in the face of new challenges that arise in each project. In this era of covid-19, things are complicated and undoubtedly filming produces more pollutants in this new situation, but we can continue to take care of the environment and act responsibly. 


The vast majority of the actions we have been using for years can be carried out as before, however, there are two quite complicated areas related to Coronavirus: the personal protection equipment for the crew, and catering. 

Personal Protection Equipment 

Using face masks is mandatory for everyone on set and in offices. Health is the primary objective so safety always comes first, even so:
What we have done to minimize the impact of personal protection equipment:

  • In order to avoiding disposing of masks on a daily basis, and as long as the team member has the facility to wash them effectively off-set, we recommend using washable masks made of highly protective fabric. 
  • Special containers have been placed for the disposal of masks, so as not to mix them with the rest of the waste. 
  • To disinfect small areas, we avoid using aerosol alcohols, opting for virucidal disinfection without bleach. 
  • We avoid the use of plastic gloves. 


It is one of the most dangerous areas for contagion, since the entire team removes their masks and touches the food, this is where we have had to make some of the most significant changes. 
This situation leads to additional economic and energy costs and increased CO2 consumption, but under the circumstances we have had to sacrifice some things such as the buffet with trays or reusable utensils, for the safety of all.

What have we changed:

  • Craft in production offices has been reduced as much as possible. 
  • Buffet catering on set has been eliminated. Each day the crew is given a list of menu options which are prepared individually in cardboard, recycled or biodegradable recycled plastic containers. 
  • Cutlery and napkins are made of bamboo or of vegetable origin, not plastic. 
  • What we continue to do as before: 
  • All waste is recycled properly. 
  • The menu consists of seasonal and market products, vegan options, and has reduced the consumption of red meat to 1-2 times a week. 
  • Water: water fountains are on all the sets and in offices, a bottle of hydroalcoholic gel has also been provided to ensure prior hand disinfection, and the fountains have a new dispensing system which is operated with the elbow instead of by hand. 

For occasional use (for Extras or locations with technical difficulties), brick water containers are offered instead of plastic bottles. For example, we are using them on the shoot we are currently filming in the Almería desert.  The cap of the water bricks are of 100% plant origin, the container itself is also 70% plant origin, it is BPA free and reduces the CO2 footprint by 50% compared to a plastic container. In addition, this specific brand collaborates with the NGO, WELLS WITHOUT BORDERS (an organization that digs wells in isolated places in Africa and America).
Between 2018 and 2019 Fresco Film avoided using more than 250,000 plastic bottles on its shoots.


At Fresco Film we understand sustainability in a broad sense, not only avoiding the use of plastics, paper and recycling…. 

Sustainability entails much more, a social and environmental sustainability is: 

  • generate local wealth, investments in the locations where we work 
  • buy in local shops
  • buy responsibly 
  • employ auxiliary personnel from local areas, thus avoiding long journeys 
  • give preference to local suppliers 
  • connect with associations or groups for the donation of leftover materials 
  • choose hotels and accommodations committed to the environment 
  • be aware that there are always options when buying and choose the most appropriate to protect the world


The key to making all of this a success is: the involvement of the team. 
We hope that when the situation eases we can recover the great advances in catering that we had achieved, and we can responsibly eliminate all waste related to coronavirus prevention.

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