Fresco Film – A Sustainable Shooting in Spain Success Story


During the event “The Role of Film Commissions in Sustainable Shooting” Fresco Film was presented as a resounding success regarding sustainable shooting.

The day formed part of the activities of the European project «Green Screen», which we are part of. We presented the steps we are taking to make our shoots sustainable and environmentally friendly.   

In attendance were Representatives of the Film Commissions and Film Offices of Spain attended this meeting.

More and more companies are concerned about sustainability on shoots, such as the “audiovisual” school «School Training» which is doing great work in raising awareness in young professionals in the sector.   

Fresco Film continues to implement new measures on each shoot, promoting responsible consumption of resources, as well as recycling methods, avoiding the use of plastics, minimizing printing, purchasing from local suppliers, use of refillable bottles on set and in offices … between 2018 and 2019 we has avoided using more than 250,000 plastic bottles.   

The day was organized by Promálaga and celebrated on November 26, 2019 at the University of Málaga.


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