Fresco Film: commitment to sustainability in 2020


We are very aware of the responsibility we have regarding the audiovisual industry in Spain, and that is why, as we learn from experience, we aim to implement new improvements after each project. 

Our plans for constant improvement in sustainability on shoots include:

  1. Plan sustainable actions during filming
  2. Carry out a shoot 
  3. Post filming sustainability analysis
  4. Come up with new sustainable ideas for future shoot

2020 Sustainability Objectives we will continue working on, improving project by project:  

  1. Implementation of an environmental supervisor on each shoot
  2. Motivate and inform the entire shooting crew, with recognition of the most committed team
  3. Selection of “green” suppliers favoring those who carry environmental policies, choice of materials, ecological consumables, and with a certificate of origin
  4. Collaboration with local associations for disadvantaged groups in the areas where we film
  5.  Create compensatory measures after each shoot 
  6. Continue to encourage the use of reusable water bottles, avoiding using plastic water bottles. (Between 2018 and 2019 we avoided using more than 250,000 plastic water bottles on shoots) 
  7. Minimize hard-copy printing, encouraging digital documents
  8. Avoid single-use plastics in catering 
  9. Promoting prop rental rather than purchasing
  10. Donating shoot materials (costumes, props)   

We continue advancing: Fresco – go Green


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