Fresco Film creates a Department of Environmental Sustainability


Respect for and awareness of the environment are fundamental to the philosophy of Fresco Film Services. The whole team works constantly to generate ideas and put into action ways to reduce the ecological footprint of the company, both in the day-to-day work at the office and when filming outdoors. Responsible consumption, the choice of products that respect the environment, and recycling are of the highest priority to the company.

Fresco Film Services implemented improvements in sustainability with each new project.  For the past two years, on every shoot, we installed mineral water sources on set and each member of our team were given a stainless steel bottle to fill as needed, in this way we achieved a significant reduction in the consumption of plastic water bottles.

For example, while shooting Snatch 2, in the months of pre-production and filming the consumption of 45,000 bottles of water was averted.

This week celebrates Environmental Day and Fresco Film reconfirms its social and environmental commitment, planning new measures to reduce our ecological footprint while shooting and with the creation of a new Department of Environmental Sustainability.


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