Fresco Film participated with a presentation on sustainability in filming


Our contribution to the festival we presented was the presentation «How to be sustainable in film and not die trying». Menorca Doc Fest

Our colleague Esmeralda Ruiz, responsible for Sustainability at Fresco Film, explained how we working with all our different departments in terms of sustainability. 

At Fresco Film we understand sustainability in a broad sense: respect and care for the environment and natural spaces; support for the local economy, promotion of equal opportunities and help for disadvantaged groups. 

 We implement strategies to reduce our impact on the environment, such as the Travel Department promoting the use of trains rather than airplanes and encouraging equipment rental instead of purchasing, however if materials have to be bought ensuring they are from local producers and have been certified sustainable. These and hundreds of other small actions over all our departments help protect the environment. 

We thank Menorca Doc Fest for our invitation to share our experience.  We very much enjoyed the round table discussions and the presentations by Pedro Barbadillo, Director of the Marbella Film office, Debora Marques and Virgina Seguí from the Sant Luis City Council. 

 Festivals committed to the environment, the promotion of culture and biodiversity are essential. We congratulate the organization of this one and hope there are many more. 


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