Fresco Film received the Málaga Cultural Impulse Award for the province.


Feeling incredibly grateful and honored to receive the prestigious ‘M for Malaga’ award from the Diputación de Málaga, recognizing Fresco Film Services for its outstanding contribution to our province.

As an international film production services company rooted in the heart of Malaga, we take immense pride in our role in major productions like #Gameofthrones #Houseofdragons #KillingEve #TheCovenant #Spiderman #Snatch #Weweretheluckyones making a mark as a key player in attracting diverse European and American projects to our vibrant region.

This achievement wouldn’t have been possible without the dedicated team at Fresco Film and the incredible support from our suppliers as well as the local community. Thank you, Diputación de Málaga, for this remarkable honour.

We look forward to continuing our commitment to putting #Malaga on the global filmmaking map


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