Fresco Film Receives Sustainable Production Seal for «In the Grey»


The feature film «In the Grey,» directed by Guy Ritchie and produced by Black Bear & Green Gold Production, has been awarded the sustainable production seal by the Tenerife Film Commission. This recognition highlights our commitment to environmentally friendly practices throughout the production process. The initiative underscores the importance of sustainability in the film industry and positions Fresco Film as a leader in promoting a more eco-friendly and responsible cinema.

This is the second seal that Fresco Film has received as an international service provider in Tenerife, with the first being in 2023 for «A Town Called Malice.» On the mainland, the company also has extensive experience in obtaining four sustainability certifications. Additionally, other productions have earned international seals such as Albert (UK) and Peach (USA, Green Production Guide) thanks to their good sustainability practices.

Fresco Film continues to prioritize sustainability in its shoots, taking care of the environments where we film, using local suppliers and crews to generate wealth in each host community, and choosing sustainable products while avoiding single-use items.


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