Fresco Film shares its experience in sustainable filming at the Gijón Film Festival


We were invited to share our experiences in commitment to the environment filming at the presentation of the Asturias film commission sustainability decalogue «Green Wheel».

In our speech we presented the most relevant measures we are implementing during shoots explaining that, despite the Covid situation, many of our policies can continue: recycling; reducing the use of plastic; paperless productions; sustainable purchases …

At Fresco Film we have a broad understanding of sustainability, it’s not just avoiding the use of plastics, paper and recycling…. 

Sustainability entails much more, social and environmental sustainability is: 

To generate local wealth and invest in the places where we work 

  • Buy locally
  • Buy products that are environmentally responsible 
  • Use auxiliary personnel from the filming areas, thus avoiding long journeys 
  • Give preference to local suppliers 
  • Connect with associations or groups for surplus materials donation 
  • Choose hotels and accommodations committed to the environment 
  • Be aware that there are always options when purchasing supplies and choose the most appropriate to protect the environment

The key to making all this a success is: the involvement of the team. 

We hope, that when the State of Emergency is lifted, we can recover the great advances in catering that we have achieved, and we can responsibly eliminate all waste related to COVID prevention. 


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