“Save the Set” – 1st Summit


We at Fresco Film are continuing to work on preparations for returning to normality. On 4/24/2020 we convened the first multi-departmental «Save The Set» meeting to propose and agree upon health-safety measures.  

In the current situation the safety of everyone involved in shooting is of the utmost importance to Fresco Film. Our production department convened a multi-departmental digital meeting where each area recommended the implementation of security measures. It was a very interesting, realistic brainstorming, with the needs of each department defined, from which Fresco Film will generate a health-safety guideline for returning to normality.  

We convened 30 representatives of key departments including heads of departments and coordinators of: Locations, Management, Production, Camera, Wardrobe/Costume, Makeup, Electrical, Sound, Health and Safety, Catering, Construction, Art, Transportation.  In addition we invited a doctor to answer questions live. 

Soon we will be able to present a document approved by both active professionals in the sector and medical professionals, so that as soon as the authorities lift the state of emergency, we will be ready to get back to working normally. 

We want to thank all the professionals who have participated in this sharing of  new ways and measures to ensure filming in a safe environment. 

Thank you all and see you soon on set.


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