Spain Factor

Spain has emerged as one of the prime international production hubs due to its skilled crews, favorable weather conditions, robust screen infrastructure, and a range of appealing financial incentives.

Doubles in Spain

Spain has great locations where everything is possible. It is so versatile that it can double for the US, Asia, Africa, South America and almost anywhere you need.

Why Spain?


Spain offers tax incentives for international filming of 30% on the first million euros and 25% of the remainder.

The Canary Islands offer tax incentives for international filming of 50% (54% if the spend is a minimum of 2M/Euros on the islands) on the first million euros and 45% of the remainder.

Production service companies domiciled in Spain are essential when managing these tax incentives and advantages, in addition to other production aids and consultations with the tax agency.


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The Spanish audiovisual industry has qualified professionals with solid training and international experience. They handle complex productions and integrate seamlessly into global teams.

Local companies specializing in production services play a key role in facilitating access to filming locations, supplying essential equipment and materials. In addition, Spain has broadened its advantages in terms of employment contract conditions, further increasing its competitiveness in contrast to a number of alternative destinations.


Our country has an enormous variety of locations within relatively short distances of each other. It is a country of contrasts that offers an impressive variety of landscapes, such as mountains, deserts, forests, dunes, rivers and lakes. In addition, there is an extensive coastline that extends for more than 8,000 km, encompassing 3,000 beaches, natural parks, tropical areas, plains, and plateaus. 


Spain enjoys political and economic stability that ensures legal surety for both residents and visitors. In addition, it has a wide range of security forces to ensure tranquility and harmony.

Public healthcare services are readily accessible and are distinguished by their excellence, placing them among the leaders in Europe. This situation encourages insurance companies to offer more competitive terms for productions on Spanish soil.


There is a wide choice of high quality hotels on offer. It also has an extensive network of venues dedicated to gastronomy and entertainment. Vehicle rental companies, catering services, temporary staff, conventional and specialized health insurance, enrich the range of services at hand. The public health, security and emergency care systems in Spain are among the most outstanding in Europe. 


Spain has an extensive network of roads, railways and air routes, linking both the country and the islands with each other and with the outside world. The high-speed railway network, known as AVE, holds the record as the most extensive in Europe, made up of four corridors covering 25 stations. The robust tourism sector has fostered air connections with European nations, offering a wide range of routes and airlines at highly competitive prices. In addition, the islands are linked by maritime services for passengers and cargo, operating from the ports of Cádiz, Algeciras, Denia and Barcelona. Likewise, the entire territory is equipped with advanced high-speed Internet networks and 4/5G telephone coverage. 


We enjoy approximately 3000 hours of sunshine annually. On the Mediterranean coast and islands, these figures translate into 200 to 220 days of excellent luminosity, ideal for audiovisual productions.

Summers are characterized by their dryness and intense heat. Winter temperatures vary from moderate to cold, with snowy landscapes present in the mountains of the north of the country, in areas of Andalusia and occasionally in the Canary Islands. On the other hand, the southern coast of the country and the Canary Islands enjoy a subtropical climate that maintains constant average temperatures throughout the year.


It is a multicultural and hospitable country with an open and friendly character. The Mediterranean Diet forms the core of Spanish cuisine, but there are quality restaurants for almost any food in the world.

Entertainment unfolds in a wide range of options that range from gastronomy to shows, including sports, cultural and traditional. All this contributes to making the stays of visiting production teams even more pleasant and rewarding.