We avoided the consumption of more than 150.000 plastic bottles during filming


In 2018 Fresco Film with its sustainability department has made a great commitment to respect the environment and try to make filming as sustainable as possible.

One of the fundamental objectives of the philosophy of Fresco Film Services is promoting the teams, suppliers and customers respect for the environment. From management to the entire team, we constantly work on generating ideas and actions to reduce the ecological footprint of the company both on a day-to-day basis in production offices and when shooting in the open air. A responsible usage of all consumables, the choice of products that respect the environment and recycling are of the highest priority for the company.

Some of the actions that we have implemented in 2018

The creation of ecological ethics manuals for filming: sending specific memos to relevant departments which are collaborating with this objective: locations, transportation, art, construction, catering, wardrobe, makeup, hairdressing, electrical.

  1. Making the crew aware of the important role they play in achieving the objectives. Thanks to all the crew for the results achieved.
  2. Attending sustainability meetings of the audiovisual industry, such as the Sitges Fantastic Film Festival, Focus London 2018, Green Filming Spain, to discuss and contribute ideas for the improvement of filming. Maximum recycling of waste products during shoots.
  3. Reduce printing paper, aiming to achieve paperless shoots.
  4. Responsible shopping for all departments. Promoting the choice of sustainable, ecological and environmentally respectful products.
  5. We give each person on the team a thermal, stainless steel bottle that conserves both cold and hot drinks for more than 12 hours. We install mineral water sources on the set: in the catering and office areas, so the bottles can be filled whenever needed, ensuring sustainable audiovisual productions. With this action we avoided the use of more than 150.000 plastic bottles.

How have we calculated the number of bottles?

We counted the water drums used on each shoot, which give us the following data.

Snatch Season 2

we avoided the consuption of 45.000 plastic bottles

Terminator 6

we avoided the consuption of 95.000 plastic bottles

Ostwind part 4

we avoided the consuption of 2.800 plastic bottles

Game of Thrones Final Season

we avoided the consuption of 9.270 plastic bottles

The Spanish Princess

we avoided the consuption of 10.200 plastic bottles

Barcelona Crime part 3

we avoided the consuption of 5.280 plastic bottles

The 2019 goal for FRESCO FILM is to generate more ecological awareness on each shoot: using all resources more efficiently and continue reducing the use of plastic and paper on the shoots. Measuring the carbon footprint of each shoot and taking steps to continue reducing it.

Thanks to all those who are collaborating so that our shoots are sustainable.


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