We participated in the «Shooting in Spain» panel organized by ICEX at the Cannes Film Festival.


Peter Welter, CEO of Fresco Film, showcased his expertise on international projects shot in Spain, including the series «House of the Dragon» and Guy Ritchie’s latest film «In the Grey,» highlighting the benefits of current tax incentives on the peninsula and in the Canary Islands.

The panel, moderated by Elisa García, Executive Director of ICEX-Invest in Spain, featured presentations from four professionals. These included representatives from two international production companies that filmed in Spain, facilitated by two international service production firms, providing a comprehensive perspective from both sides of the industry.

Spain ofers high-level infrastructure and skilled teams with experience of handling large-scaled international projects. Fresco Film, with its extensive experience, is a leading company in production services and securing tax incentive refunds in the country.


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